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Margot Adler 1946-2014

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Broadcaster and Wiccan priestess Margot Adler died yesterday. She was a radio journalist for most of her career, and was a pivotal figure in the mainstream popularity of neopagan religions.


The granddaughter of pioneering psychotherapist Alfred Adler, she participated in the Free Speech Movement at Berkeley in the mid 60s. Upon graduating from Berkeley Adler began her broadcast career at Pacifica radio first in Berkeley and then in New York, where she created the speculative fiction talk show Hour Of The Wolf.… Following her work at Pacifica she was a correspondent for NPR for 35 years. She covered everything from geeks to Ecstasy to Kosovo.

She is also known for writing Drawing Down The Moon, one of the first books to portray seriously and objectively neopagan traditions. At a time when witchcraft was synonymous with "devil worship," it was a revelation.



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