Thoughts are Things that become the Pictures of our lives - so choose

Your Thoughts carefully - and also -

Try to keep "a made up mind" about what exactly You DO want (this might involve simply finding that out by process of elimination i.e. making a list of all the crap You do not want first since we often know those things right away) then -

Be as Specific as possible about Your DO want "request(s)" because eventually -

That whole "careful what You wish for" - is - in fact - "a Thing" - and every time - without fail - whether we like it or not - that "Thing" WILL somehow show up -

as a "Picture" in our Life.


Its not quite necessary to start out revising Your Process with liking what You "..have already" - though taking a solid inventory helps one narrow toward the elusive "What DO I want anyway?"


So there's half already [already have have already You see] ?


go ahead and Choose Good Thoughts -

maybe think about something You Love - find that feeling and look around the peripheral thoughts to it - for that elusive "wanted" -



Then - Focus Your Projection - not to be mistaken to mean anything but an opposition to "projecting Your focus" the most useless and fruitless endeavor ever kind of mistake made when "shooting for the moon"



Think on it - thank on it - keep an attitude of Gratitude pointed towards it - and KNOW like You know like You KNOW - that sooner rather than later - ALL the Good Things You want are Arriving. . .


Question - how many times do You check the tracking data on something ordered online? (excluding obsessive clicking of the tracking number at ups dot com) Usually not more than once right - because after something is ordered its coming - You know it. Simple analogy works here exactly the same way - the thing about it is though - that being able to "see" it arrive or as it's arriving is going to always be elusive until we clear the crap we are thinking about constantly that is "not what we want" out of the way long enough to "remember" what we DID want so we might recognize when it is already arriving...

So what then?

- AlwayS be Receiving